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Foxes socks are missing!

Can you help Fox find the missing socks?

East Lab Dance presents 'Frocks, Socks, and the Orange Fox', a new children's dance theatre work combining storytelling, dance, and theatre to create an engaging storybook world. This piece, created for family audiences, is made for small performance spaces, working well in community halls, schools, and outdoor settings. As well as an immersive sensory experience, the piece delves into rhyming strings, to develop children's speech, language, and communication skills.

Nationally renowned dramaturg Lou Cope, helped to develop the narrative, following the story of a fox who loses his dancing socks. Friend Mole, helps in the search of the socks, searching through towns, rivers, forests, and mountains. This journey will teach children the importance of friendship, teamwork and overcoming your fears.

Featuring a unique set and costume design by Hannah Boothman, the children will be amazed by the fusion of colours and textures throughout. In addition to this, an original composed soundscore by Ethan Mcinerney (featuring voiceover narration by Bhawna Bhawsar), will engage children in a wonderful auditory experience, which fuses well with our movement and set. 

Available for touring from August 2023. The piece can take place in libraries, community settings,, schools and outdoor festivals! 



For bookings and inquiries please contact

Matilda Rowland, Director, and Producer 

Director/ Producer/ Choreographer/ Dancer/ Writer - Matilda Rowland

Original music - Ethan Mcinerney 

Dramaturg - Lou Cope 

Dancer/ Co-choreographer - Rosie Roberts 

Voice actor - Bhawna Bhawsar

Photography - Elly Wellford

Videography - Lauren Tansley 

Supported by; Arts Council England, Inspire Libraries

Derby Libraries and Déda.

Aug, 23

Aug, 23
Aug, 23


Dec, 23


Dec, 23

Langley Mill Preschool

1st July, 24


July, 24

Beckett Infant and Primary School

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Tour Pack

Want to know more? Download our tour pack!

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